Slush Machines

Tropical Breeze Frozen Drinks offers the best slush machines available, Faby by Cab of Italy. These ultra reliable machines are used in thousands of establishments worldwide.

Faby Machine Overview

  • Available in 2 bowl configurations.
  • Clear bowls and bright colors attract customers.
  • Easy to use and clean – programmable freeze schedule.
  • Holds 30 15oz drinks per bowl – Add mix for unlimited supply of slush.
  • 30 Minute freeze time using chilled product – works well in hot environments.
  • No water connections required.
  • Uses a standard 110V 20Amp circuit (with no other major appliances on line).
  • Requires only 24” of countertop (recommended to be in view of the customer).

Faby II by Cab of Italy

The Faby Machine has been compactly designed to take up the least possible space while guaranteeing the best result. It's patented double action mixing system insures even textured smoothies. The Faby Machine is attractive and easy to use, making it an appealing purchase for all customers.


  • Stainless Steel exterior with impact resistant plastic fillings
  • Poly carbon Plastic Bowls are easily removed for cleaning
  • Stainless Steel Evaporators
  • Fine, smooth ice regulated for each bowl
  • Can be used as a cold drink dispenser
  • Double Covers to fill bowls easily

2 Head

  • 115V AC/60Hz
  • 3.4 Gallons per Bowl
  • 15 3/8" Wide
  • 20 1/2 Depth
  • 34 1/2 Height
  • 118 Lbs

Asterisk Our machines can make any 2 of the products we carry in the same machine. You can make a slushie in one side and a margarita in the other!

Fresh Fruit

Our drink mixes are made with high quality products blended specifically for Tropical Breeze Frozen Drinks.